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Who We Are

BikeVON is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization created and operated by Yvonne Rucker who is a dedicated cyclist in Metro Detroit area.  It was create for the youth of color in the Metro Detroit area to promote:

  • Awareness – embracing the culture of competitive bicycling, cycling as a mode of transportation and the nutritional benefits of a healthy life style.
  • Affordability –teaching kids to build their own bikes, while learning the importance of recycling, and providing bicycles to youth and community organizations.
  • Accessibility – establishing bike sharing at community centers for community rides.
BikeVON is a member of:



  • BikeVON- teaching the laws and rules of smart cycling while showing communities how to support cycling


  • BikeVON – to represent the League of American Bicycling’s (LAB) Equity Initiative, which “seeks to engage leaders from traditionally underrepresented demographics and bridge the current gap between diverse communities and bicycle advocates.”


  • BikeVON – empowering youth of color in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly Detroit.


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